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About Us

Creating media with feeling

Our mission is to create inclusive gaming experiences through meaningful narratives and diverse representation.

At Expression Media, our core values are:

  • Diverse & Inclusive Representation 

  • Purpose in Narrative

  • Community/Fandoms

  • FUN

Using Mobile Phones

Our Story

As our name suggests, our games are centred around expression. Our aim is to create a wide variety of compelling media that display emotion in meaningful ways, and encourage our audience to express themselves as well. Positive representation and diversity in games is something the industry as a whole is severely lacking. Expression Media aims to challenge the dynamics around gaming, by bringing more diversity and representation to the gaming scene, as a way of empowering those underrepresented and oppressed in today’s gaming culture. 

With community at the heart of expression media’s values, we believe building an intimate relationship with our audience is vital. For us, having a brand identity that shares its emotions, unpolished work and doesn’t take itself too seriously will result in consumers seeing us as human, relatable, approachable and fun, which will in turn form the foundations of a strong community.

Meet The Team

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