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Audio Designer |  Musician | Writer


Jason is an audio professional, specialising in production and post-production for studios, film, TV and games. He's also a musician, and a published author.



Unity Game Demo | 2022

Foodomina is a fully playable 2D Pixel-art JRPG demo set in a deep space universe filled with food civilisations. You play as Takoyaki and Tempura who have just been promoted within their space agency at the onset of a frightening invasion by the enemy of food: mold.


  • Project Leads: Irini Melas & John Engstrom

  • Creative Director: Irini Melas

  • Narrative Lead: Irini Melas

  • Game Director: John Engstrom

  • Audio Director: Jason Keen

  • Lead Programmer: John Engstrom

  • Programmer: Jason Keen

  • Game Designers: John Engstrom & Jason Keen

  • Soundtrack Composer: Aris Diacolabrianos

  • Environment & Character Design: Irini Melas

  • 2D Artist & Animator: Irini Melas

  • Quality Assurance and testing: Jason Keen & John Engstrom


Unity Game Audio | 2022

A brief game scene to collect the question marks scattered around the beautiful nature location.  Audio designed and implemented in Unity Game Engine by Jason Keen.


Graphic assets: Synty Studios

Scripting: Jason Keen & Nick Harrison

Audio design and implementation: Jason Keen


Unity Game Audio | 2022

A game prototype, featuring several different gameplay elements, as well as working as a portfolio of audio works. All audio design and implementation completed in the FMOD middleware for Unity Game Engine by Jason Keen.


Graphic assets: Synty Studios

C# scripting: Jason Keen & Nick Harrison

Audio design and implementation: Jason Keen

Dialogue: Replica Studios AI Text to speech generator



Animation Audio | 2022

The original opening cinematic for the Diablo II Lord Of Destruction expansion by Blizzard Entertainment, completely rebuilt by Jason Keen. Edited and mixed in Pro Tools


Animation: Blizzard Studios

Audio design, editing and mixing: Jason Keen

Voice acting: Jason Keen & Mark Trewin


Animation Audio | 2021

Endangered is a short film trailer created by SAE Animation students, using advanced motion capture technology. Sound design and implementation completed in Pro Tools by Jason Keen.


Written and directed by Cameron Griffith

Produced by Ali Merhi

Animation: Josh Dowling, Nathan Waters, Siyao Song, Dinh Manh Nguyen, Elsie Hoya

Sound design: Jason Keen

Voice Acting: Emily Moustafa, Nathan Pahljina, Leanne Cusinato


Animation Audio | 2021

Tiny Terror is a short animation film created by SAE Animation students. It follows Angela, a young girl who is woken by strange noises emanating from the kitchen downstairs. She musters up all of her courage in a bid to see what is making the commotion.


Written by Josh Downling, Cameron Griffith, Anthea Kruger, Ali Mu

Directed by Ali Mu

Produced by Cameron Griffith

Animation: Josh Downling, Cameron Griffith, Anthea Kruger, Ali Mu

Audio director and editor: Jason Keen

Composition: Hamish Muir

Foley and FX: Cory Welsh and Jason Keen


R U Mine?

Music Soundalike | 2021

This is a completely rerecorded soundalike version of the Artic Monkeys song 'R U Mine?' 

The idea of this was to recreate the song as closely to the original as possible, using the resources available to us.


Recorded, Engineered, Produced and mixed by: Jason Keen, Cory Welsh, Matthew Boyd, Jackson Clarke and Thomas Copeland

Drums: Jef Vandervorst

Bass: Jason Keen

Guitars: Nicholas

Vocals: Israel Shep


Wanderer | 2022

Single from the band Wanderer, from the upcoming album 'Passage'.


Recorded, Produced and mixed by: Jason Keen

Engineered by: Jason Keen, Jason Rudzyn and Rory Heyward

Music and lyrics by: Shane Hoffmann and Jason Keen

Drums: Andy Robilliard

Bass: Jason Keen

Guitars: Shane Hoffmann

Vocals: Daniel Harwood





Paperback | 2014

Imagine waking up not knowing who or where you are...

The year is 2070, societal peace hangs in the balance as the most powerful corporation on the planet controls the governments and the police. The people are left suffering at every turn.

A nameless man wakes in the hospital with no memory of who he is or how he came to be there.

John Doe, as he’s affectionately called by the hospital staff sets off in the pursuit of answers and gets drawn into a dangerous global conspiracy in a high-tech dystopia that’s completely alien to him.

Accompanied by a band of freedom fighting rebels, John must find out the truth to his past if he wants any chance at a future and saving the world.



Paperback | 2013

When a University field trip to Israel unearths a 2,000 year old text in a hidden cave at Qumran it sets in motion events that could mean the end of society as we know it.

After University lecturer and Dead Sea expert Jack Perry gets the text he quickly discovers a riddle within the text and is thrust into a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with an ancient sect, hell-bent on obtaining the secrets alluded to in the riddle and using them for total control of the planet.

Spanning Europe and the Middle East, Jack sees some of the best locations the world has to offer. But will he live long enough to tell the tale? Will Jack solve the riddle and discover The Dead Sea Secret?



Paperback | 2013

In a dark near future city plagued by crime and corruption, one man’s quest for vengeance could be the path to redemption for a broken city, or it could condemn the city to ruin.

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